Going Green Has Gotten Even Greater
        ORGANIC farming has never been this EASY! THE CDGC ORGANIC FERTILITY PROGRAM brings YOU ALL the KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS…

Current methods of agricultural production can’t keep up with the demands of modern society.

 In fact, we’d even say that it does more harm than good! Not to worry, though, since we here at CDGC have found a way to revolutionize the process with which YOU can gain the highest possible yield in the shortest possible amount of time using methods that will Momma Nature proud! 

Best yet, YOU’LL be producing only the HIGHEST quality products while you’re at it! So, welcome to the CDGC Organic Fertility Program! 

We hope you’re ready to revolutionize the way you view agriculture, because the future of hemp production is NOW!

Welcome to the CDGC Organic Fertility Program
          With our Organic Fertility Program, we make it a point that YOU get only the best and cutting-edge processes and products to make sure that your business grows as fast as the crops you’re cultivating!
Here’s what’s in store for you:
●    Need to determine how to create the best setup for your farm?
          We’re going to provide you with a CDGC certified agronomist to make sure that your soil and water supplies are at peak growing condition!
●    Every prize-winning farm has a secret weapon, and that’s exactly what you’ll be getting from us! 
          Our specially formulated 100% organic fertilizer is guaranteed to optimize your yields AND help you keep a low carbon footprint! Not only that, the CDGC’s very own CannaRx and CannaGen boosters are going to be a part of your all-organic arsenal.
●    We pride ourselves in being YOUR guiding hand to a successful, green future:
          Leave it up to us to provide with what you need for your business to operate, from long-term plans right up to your day-to-day schedule. Our Organic Fertility Program comes with everything, from weekly timetables; checklists; farming calendars; regular pricing updates; video correspondence and updates; metrics and MORE! 
Oh, and did we mention each and every one of these offerings are custom-made just for YOU? 

Because we here at CDGC believe that it’s not the farm that makes the farmer; it’s the farmer that makes the farm! 
So, forget it when they say the grass is greener on the other side, because CDGC’s Organic Fertility Program will make sure yours will be the greenest of them all!

Don’t believe us? Have a free (insert length of trial period here) consultation on us!

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