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Limited Time Offer (30% off!): biotic soil particle that has been developed to improve carbon in soil.

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What Others Are Saying...

"You will see the impact in your clone within 10 days"

-Mark W. Boutwell

"At Boring Hemp Company we do not use pesticides of any kind. 
The only control we use is CannaRx. We blend it into our potting soils we start our seeds in. What we see in our fields are healthy happy plants. Cannabis plants can be susceptible to kites and CannaRx gives our plants a vaccine. When we do have a sick plant, we pull it out and do not see a spread or infestation. We tell all the farmers that come see our farm about it. It saves us money, plants and is great for the environment"

-Sam Cook
Boring Hemp Co.

"I am a professional grower that grows different crops one being cannabis. I have to say that all the other industrial hemp crops I have ever grown had higher disease issues. I think Canna Genesis and Canna Rx additives were the key component to reducing stress. 
We saved a lot of money that is normally spent on pest management. Our crops were so Uniform all of our neighboring farmers said this was the best crop they have seen all year."

-John Carroll
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